Jerry Bread, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment

Ph.D. (Educational Administration); M.Ed. (Educational Administration), University of Oklahoma; B.S. Ed. Northeastern State University, Tahlequah

Address: 210 Ellison Hall
Phone: 405-325-5463


Areas of Interest & Expertise

American Indian Studies development; American Indian history, education, culture & contemporary affairs; tribal government/governance; American Indian education curriculum and teacher training; American Indian higher education and student affairs; tribal college research and development; education organization and leadership; Oklahoma tribal relations and sovereignty; tribal education research and organization; American Indian family relations.

Recent Courses Taught

Oklahoma Tribal Histories, Tribal Order, Tribal Economic Development, American Indian Education and Policy Studies, Tribal Sovereignty, Tribal Government and Leadership; American Indian Tribal Services.


Oklahoma Indian Educator of the Year, IDEA Distinguished Educator Award, AARP Oklahoma Elder of the Year recognition

Recent Conference Presentations

Oklahoma Indian Education Summit; Oklahoma Council on Indian Education; National Indian Education Association Conference; Oklahoma JOM Conference;

Current Research & Projects

State of American Indian Studies in Oklahoma Colleges; Strategies for the Recruitment of American Indian College Students; Oklahoma Tribal Government and Leadership Evolvement; Oklahoma Tribal Health Thrusts.